Some business analysis lingo

There are many terms that are unique to the profession of business analysis and some of them are:

1. Business analysis information: Business analysts have to work with a lot of information. In order to enable change they have to go through loads of information and examples include documentation, requirements, designs and solution options.

2. Design: In the world of business analysis, design is a usable representation of a solution. The design might be as simple as a mock up drawing on paper or it might be as complex as a functioning prototype of the solution.

3. Enterprise: An enterprise as defined by BABOK® is “an enterprise is a system of one or more organizations and the solutions they use to pursue a shared set of common goals.”

This means that an enterprise is a group of organizations trying to achieve common changes in their companies.

The enterprise is limited by the change they are trying to implement and how it applies to the individual organizations.

4. Organization: An organization is a group of people who are working together to achieve common goals and objectives.

5. Plan: A plan is detailed proposal for achieving something. It outlines what needs to be done to achieve an objective.

6. Requirement: A requirement is something that is needed or wanted. Requirements are needed in order to fulfill the true need of the organization.

7. Risk: A risk is the possibility of losing something of value. Business analysts have to work with other stakeholders to identify the risks which linked to the change, the organization and the solution