The complex world of business analysis

In my new job as a systems support analyst, I was introduced to Business Analysis as a profession.

I realized that even though we had been doing some business analysis tasks in my previous job, there was a structured way of approaching these tasks.

Business analyst do a whole lot of tasks and these tasks are divided into knowledge areas.

These knowledge areas are :

1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

2. Elicitation and Collaboration

3. Requirements Life Cycle Management

4. Strategy Analysis

5. Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

6. Solution Evaluation

These knowledge area are all interrelated and are made up of specific activities.

In addition to this there are also key concepts, underlying competencies, techniques and perspectives which help business analysts accomplish their tasks.

So as you can see business analysis is a complex world and to really understand and thrive in this world you have to be patient and attentive.

I hope you are ready to go on this adventure with me because its going to be well worth the journey.