Business analysis planning and monitoring

The Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring knowledge area is made up of tasks which are used to organize and coordinate the efforts of both the business analyst and the stakeholders in the organization.

The tasks in the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area include:

1. Plan business analysis approach: The plan business analysis approach is used in the planning of business analysis work from which methodology to use to the individual tasks, activities and deliverables.

A business analysis methodology refers to the method which you would use in conducting your activities.

Examples of business analysis methodologies include: Plan driven approach (waterfall), change driven approach (agile) etc.

2. Plan stakeholder engagement: The plan stakeholder engagement task is used to plan which stakeholders to engage, what is needed from those stakeholders and what is the best method of collaboration with those stakeholders.

3. Plan business analysis governance: The plan business analysis governance task is used to ensure that decisions are made in a proper and consistent manner by the decision makers.

4. Plan business analysis information management: The plan business analysis information management task is used to ensure that the information is captured, stored and integrated with other information properly.

5. Identify business analysis performance improvements: The business analysis performance improvement task is used to manage and monitor how the business analysts work is performed.

This is to ensure that the change is implemented successfully.