Leadership and influencing skills in business analysis

Leadership and influencing skills are used by the business analyst while the stakeholders are reviewing the business analysis information and solution options.

They boost unity and inspire stakeholder support and teamwork during change.

Leadership and influencing involves inspiring people to respond in ways that enable them to work together to attain shared goals and objectives.

Grasping the visions, needs, and abilities of each stakeholder and how these can be successfully conveyed could help the business analysts to meet the shared goals of the organization.

When the business analyst is describing, analyzing, and communicating business analysis information, they also have the opportunity to lead and influence the stakeholders.

There are some measures of effective leadership and influencing which include:

  1. Decreased opposition to required changes.
  2. Expression of an explicit and encouraging vision of an expected future state.
  3. Effectively persuading others to turn vision into action.
  4. Guiding the stakeholders on understanding reciprocal interests.
  5. Successful use of cooperative approaches to impact others.
  6. Influence stakeholders to consider broader goals over personal incentives.
  7. Reassess issues so alternate views can be understood and adjust to influence stakeholders towards mutual goals.