The methodology of knowledge

The business analyst needs to understand the procedures used by the organization in relation to its circumstances, liabilities, opportunities, and restrictions to accurately determine which business analysis approach to use.

Methodologies govern the timing, perspective, role of those involved, accepted risk level, and other features of how a change is approached and managed.

Organizations assume or create their own methodologies to fit different levels of culture, maturity, adaptability, risk,uncertainty, and governance.

Knowledge in regards to a diverse range of methodologies allows the business analyst to quickly adjust to, and act in new environments.

There are some measures of effective methodology knowledge which include:

  1. The capacity to adjust to changes in methodologies.
  2. The readiness to use or learn a new methodology.
  3. The successful combination of business analysis tasks and techniques to support the current methodology.
  4. Experience with the terms, tools, and techniques advised by a methodology.
  5. The ability to act in numerous roles within the activities advised by a methodology.