Why you should go Agile

The Agile methodology was originally created in order to support the quick creation and deployment of software products.

Though it is now used in numerous industries, the fundamental principles of Agile which is that it is better to have a few functionalities earlier than deliver on all the functionalities late remains the same.

Agile is very tolerant of change and uncertainty, this makes it easier to adapt to changing situations better than the standard waterfall methodology.

But this uncertainty also leads to increased risk. In order to minimize the associated risk, the Agile methodology builds in quality as part of its process.

The Agile methodology helps improves the success of the initiative in the following ways :

  1. There is one constant and four variables that are used in the Agile methodology. The constant is risk, while the variables are total cost, cycle time, development cost and value. The risk is a constant because it remains unchanged, while the team’s decisions can affect the variable and so they can change.
  2. The Agile team takes the initiative’s cost into consideration when creating and implementing the solution and confirms key decisions based on how it affects the five variables.
  3. The Agile team tries to make use of cost-effective product developing techniques to reduce the cost of the solution.
  4. The Agile methodology is focused on the solution’s quality and not the scope. So this allows the stakeholders to focus on prioritised functionalities that would optimally fulfill their needs.
  5. The Agile team analyses the process to identify and eliminate waste and minimize the solution development timeline.
  6. The solution would be continuously improved are the requirements are clarified and the business needs are better understood.
  7. The initiative is decomposed into small, achievable work pieces that are described using user stories. This makes it easier for the Agile teams to be aware of time frames and meet their commitments.
  8. A key stakeholder are usually the product owner and so they are able to help prioritize the work.