Who is a Service Desk Analyst ?

A Service Desk Analysts is anyone who provides first line IT technical support to stakeholders in an organization.

They are responsible for handing customer support requests and assessing and resolving issues related to application software, hardware and telephony.

The Service Desk Analysts are usually members of the organization’s IT department and they act as a single point of contact for any system-related issue. Their main job is to provide IT support to internal and external customers.

So what are some of the tasks that a service desk analyst performs ?

Some of the tasks that a service desk analyst might perform includes the following :

Act as a single point of contact : this is the main responsiblity of the Service Desk Analyst. They are responsible for responding to the stakeholders issues and gathering information. They use that information to analyse the inquiries and resolving them if they can but if they are unable to resolve the inquiries, they would reassign the issue to the responsible support team.

Manage Support Requests : another Service Desk Analysts responsibility is to manage support requests that can come through numerous communication channels such as email, chat, and telephone. The Service Desk Analyst must analyse the request to document its severity, maintain support tracking systems and utilize standard procedures to resolve issues.

Resolve IT related Issues : Service Desk Analysts must resolve IT related technical issues. Some examples of these IT related technical issues include computer installation and configuration problems.

Escalate Complex issues : The Service Desk Analysts might need to escalate customer support requests to higher-level IT support specialists if they are unable to resolve a certain issues on their own. The Service Desk Analysts would send the service desk tickets with all the gather information to these IT support specialists so that they can resolve it effectively.

Maintain Service Documentation : Service Desk Analysts must maintain comprehensive records of IT related issues. They need to maintain these records to keep track of recurring issues, for analytical purposes and also to build a knowledge base of known issues that can be used for future reference.