Free business analysis courses

It has been quite the year.

Late last year, a relatively unknown virus started sweeping the world and by the end of March, 2020, it had completely changed the world as we know it.

From lockdowns to curfews, countries around the world have instituted changes to help prevent the spread of this dangerous virus and the economic repercussions of these changes have started to take effect.

Businesses have shut down, employees have been laid off and our lives have all changed.

But with all that is going on the world, how do you continue on your business analysis journey ?

While the goal of many aspiring business analysts is to get a business analysis certificate, they can be a little expensive and time intensive.

So if you are on a tight budget and want to continue your business analysis training, here is a list of free business trainings that might be useful.

  1. Udemy: Udemy has a lot of free business analysis courses which you can register for. While some of the resources might not be free, most of them are quite affordable.
  2. edX : edX also has a lot of free business analysis courses which you can register for. While the business analysis courses are free, you can pay for the training and get a verified certificate if you want to.
  3. IT Masters: IT Masters offers a free Introductory certificate in business analysis course which runs for 5 weeks. It is a structured training course with a course syllabus and an exam.
  4. Greatlearning academy: Greatlearning academy has a lot of free courses which you can choose from. From Data science to Marketing and Finance, there are numerous courses to choose from.
  5. Coursera: While coursera’s business analysis courses are not quite free, they are quite affordable. They also offer a verified certificate at the completion of their courses.

So while these might be strange times, they don’t have to deter you from your business analysis path.

Even though you might get slightly off course, this situation can also create an opportunity for growth, so take advantage of these business analysis resources and continue your business analysis education.