What is Office 365 ?

Office 365 is a Software as a service (SaaS) suite of applications.

Some of the applications that are included in Office 365 are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

Other popular office 365 applications include Microsoft Planner, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

The applications that you might have available in your office 365 subscription depend on your subscription plan.

There are different subscription plans available in Office 365 and based on your needs, you can chose the one that is right for you.

So what makes Office 365 different from the other versions of Office ?

Office 365 is a subscription-based service, which means that you pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service rather than a one time purchasing fee.

This helps ensure that the applications are always updated and available because they are hosted on Microsoft servers.

It also allows you to purchase more or less applications based on your needs and eliminates the server maintenance needs that would have been required if your were self hosting the applications on your own premises.

Which apps are currently available on Office 365 ?

The applications that are currently available on Office 365 depend on your subscription level, but they might include the following applications:

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Outlook
  5. OneNote
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. OneDrive

Are Office 365 and Microsoft 365 the same ?

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are not the same thing.

Microsoft 365 is a package of services which are available from Microsoft and one of the available services is Office 365.

While Office 365 Office 365 is a Software as a service suite of applications,

So someone can subscribe to Microsoft 365 services and some of the services might include Office 365, Windows 10 and SharePoint 2019.

While another person might have an Office 365 subscription but they might not have a Microsoft 365 subscription.