Who is a SharePoint Administrator ?

A SharePoint administrator is someone who is responsible for managing the Microsoft SharePoint platform in an organization.

Some of the responsibilities of the SharePoint administrator include managing the application, supporting the application and training the end users.

Their duties might also include managing the SharePoint server farm, user access rights management and data back up.

A SharePoint server farm is a collection of servers that provide a range of SharePoint services. The servers in a SharePoint server farm include the web front ends (WFEs), application servers, and database (SQL) servers.

The Web Front End Servers (WFEs) are used to manage the end users web page requests, the Application Server is used to provide important infrastructural services while the SQL Server is a database that is used to manage the SharePoint farm.

The SharePoint administrator is also responsible for managing the SharePoint admin center.

These responsibilities include creating and managing sites , assigning access rights and managing site sharing settings.

They are also responsible for creating sites, deleting sites, creating new SharePoint groups, restoring old SharePoint groups, granting users access rights, deleting access rights and changing access rights.

What qualifications do you need to become a SharePoint administrator ?

The SharePoint administrator needs to be able to configure, maintain, and design applications for Microsoft’s SharePoint.

They need to be able to design and test SharePoint sites, perform maintenance and install software updates.

They also need to be able to create and manage user accounts and train the end users on how to effectively use the application.

Most SharePoint Administrator jobs also require a bachelors degree in an IT related course, experience with .NET and C# programming languages and an extensive knowledge of SQL server.