Who is a Data Analyst ?

A Data analyst is anybody who is responsible for converting data into visually pleasing and easily understandable formats.

Organizations generate tons of data but it is difficult to make sense of this data in the unstructured format in which they are generated.

That is where the Data analyst comes in.

They use of data analytics, data visualization and data modeling techniques and technologies to spot trends and connections that can help the organization to make strategic business decisions.

They do this by analyzing the raw unstructured data and turning them into easily understandable formats such as charts, reports and dashboards.

What are the Data analyst job requirements ?

Business analysts usually require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, business, mathematics, economics, statistics, management, accounting or in a related field.

They have to have years of experience in using numerous data modeling tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

They should also be skilled in programming languages such as Java, SQL, Ruby, R and Python.

How do I become a Data Analyst ?

There are numerous ways in which you can start your Data analyst career and they include the following :

  1. Get a bachelors degree: most Data analysts job postings require you to have an undergraduate degree, so it would be very difficult to get the job without a degree.
  2. Gain practical experience: most organizations need experienced Data Analysts, so to get the job you have to have the necessary experience. This experience includes the ability to use various Data Analytical tools and understand numerous statistical programming languages.
  3. Get certified: while a programming certification cannot replace the practical Data Analysis experience, it can help authenticate your knowledge and make you stand out as a candidate.