What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 F & O ?

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations or Microsoft Dynamics AX as it was previously known, is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is used by large organizations.

It helps organizations to manage their enterprise business processes such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, Warehousing and Production.

Why should you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 F & O ?

Microsoft Dynamics 364 F & O can help organizations optimize their business processes due to its numerous features which include the following :

  1. It can help you with your financial processes such as invoicing, vendor payments, customer payment and employee payroll.
  2. It can help you fulfill regulatory requirements such as tax and audits.
  3. It can help you manage your warehouse processes such as Inventory, supply chain, project management and production.
  4. It can also help you with task automation including document approvals.
  5. It is web and mobile apps accessibility.
  6. It is compatible with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.