Why is Power Platform so important? 

Power Platform is a collection of four Microsoft products, which are Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent.

These applications can be used to create power solutions to fulfill various business needs including workflow automations, dynamic reports design, mobile apps design and chat bots creation.

Why is Power Platform so important?

Historically it used to take a lot of time and resources to create various business solutions like Mobile Apps and Workflow Automations.

These solutions were usually implemented through projects that took up a lot of resources including money, time, and manpower.

Power Platform has changed all that by democratizing the solution creation process.

What this means is that they have made it possible for End users also known as Citizen developers to create business solutions with little or no programming codes.

They have accomplished this by creating reusable components that can be easily used to create and to fulfill a range of business problems. 

This has also made it possible for people who have always been interested in getting into the world of Information technology (IT) make that transition fairly easily.

This is especially important for Business Analysts with no prior IT knowledge or experience.

You can get this relevant IT experience by learning Power Platform and gradually improving your knowledge and experience with the numerous learning materials available on the internet.

Some of these learning materials include the free Power Platform trainings that you can find on the Microsoft’s site to the numerous communities of Microsoft Power Platform enthusiasts that share their knowledge on the internet. 

How should you start your PowerPlaform journey?

You can start your PowerPlaform journey with the free Microsoft training.

Once you are done with this training, then you can improve your knowledge by using the learning resources that are available on the Microsoft Learn site.

You can use the exercises included in this training to practice as you go through the training material.

Once you are done with that, you can attempt the Microsoft Power Platform fundamentals certification exam.

Once you have passed the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam, you can start taking on more challenging problems to improve your knowledge and experience.

Power Platform is an exciting initiative that is continuously being improved on by Microsoft and getting this knowledge and skill sets can help you grow your career and increase your earning potential.