What is Data Science ?

Data science is the combination of domain knowledge, programming skills, math and statistics to analyze data and produce actionable results.

Data scientists use machine learning algorithms to analyze data, text, pictures, video and audio files.

Their analysis can be transformed into real business value by analysts and business users.

Data science is also used to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can automate tasks  that usually require human intervention.

Why is Data Science so important ? 

Data science, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming very important to organizations regardless of their size or industry.

So organizations must quickly adapt to data science to remain competitive.

They can do this by enabling analysts, business users, and other technical experts to become citizen developers which would empower them with the knowledge that they need to analyze the data.

Citizen developers are business users who create new or change existing business applications without the help of their IT departments.

Citizen development encourages non-IT-trained employees to become software developers by using pre approved low-code/no-code applications such as Microsoft Power Platform to create business solutions.

This allows the end users to become citizen developers and they can create and customize existing software programs to fulfill various business needs.