What are ERP extensions ?

ERP extensions are used to add desired functionalities to an ERP application.

Organizations like to improve the capabilities of their ERP with an additional application or module, and they often do that with the help of an ERP Extension.

How do you add an ERP extension?

ERP extensions can be added in different ways including the following: 

  1. ERP extension developed by an ERP provider: An ERP Extension that is developed by your ERP provider will add value to the ERP product, will be easily integrated with the ERP application and it would have the vendor’s support.

Which makes it easier to implement and support post implementation.

2. An ERP extension from the vendor marketplace: The organization can also buy an ERP extension from the vendor marketplace.

This implementation might be a little bit more difficult because they might not be able to get the support of the original ERP extension developers so if they have any issues with extension they would have to figure it out on their own.

So you have to be very careful when using this option.

So what is an example of an ERP extension ?

ERP extensions are regularly used in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is an ERP used by numerous small and mid sized organizations around the world.

ERP extensions allow you to customize Dynamics 365 Business Central or add new features to the application without changing the original application source code.

This makes upgrades easier and less prone to issues.

Many organizations would like to customize their ERP applications to fit in with their unique business processes.

But this usually meant customizing the application which could lead to increased expenses, broken application codes and transactional errors.

But ERP extensions are modifications that are added outside the application itself. 

This reduces the cost, time and resources needed to add various functionalities to the ERP application.

You are also no longer limited by costly and involved customizations when the financial system needs to be upgraded.