What are Google’s Cloud Certifications?

There are numerous IT certifications available and while they all sound nice to have and could increase your hiring potential, they can be time consuming, expensive, and tedious to get.

So why do you need to get another IT certification ?

Google is a leader in the cloud computing space and getting one of their cloud computing would help improve your chances of getting an IT cloud computing job.

But which of their cloud computing certifications should you get?

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides software engineers with the tools that they need for cloud-based data transfer, analysis, and development of information systems. 

Google has three levels of certifications based on expertise and professional goals and they are:

1. Foundational: The exam in this level helps beginners understand the basics of cloud computing, Google Cloud products, services, and tools. A foundational level exam is the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam.

2. Associate: The exam in this level are for experienced IT professionals who want to get mid level professional cloud certifications. This certification tests your knowledge of Google Cloud, including building, maintaining, and auditing projects on the platform. An Associate level exam is the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

3. Professional: The exams in the professional GCP certifications path tests advance levels skills in a specific role or topic. 
It tests expert level approaches related to both technology and business topics on the platform. 
There are 8 professional level exams which are the Google Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Developer, Google Data Engineer, Google Cloud DevOps Engineer, Google Cloud Network Engineer, Google Cloud Security Engineer, Google Collaboration Engineer and Google Machine Learning Engineer.

What are some of the benefits of earning a Google Cloud certification?

The public cloud computing industry is growing exponentially especially since more organizations are moving to the cloud and this in turn would lead to an increased demand for software engineers with cloud-based certifications and experience.

Getting a Google Cloud Platform certification would improve your chances of getting certain cloud-based roles especially if the certifications are one of the job requirements for the job.