How do I become a remote IT Business Analyst ?

Remote work has become the standard in most organizations.

Jobs are being advertised using these key words because many people would like to work from home.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made many people reconsider their career choices.

The pandemic has shown employers that their employees can effectively work from anywhere in the world.

While it has shown employees that they don’t have to go in to the work place to be successful in their chosen careers.

This has made remote work a desirable perk that is becoming the norm in many organizations.

This has led many people to consider quitting their job and switching careers to more flexible and in demand options such as IT.

Because most IT employees do the bulk of their work with their computers, it is easy for them to effectively work remotely.

This is why a lot of new IT jobs are being advertised as “remote”.

But it is not so easy to switch career paths is it?

No it is not, especially not in a career as technical as IT.

The aspiring IT Business Analyst might get discouraged because the entry barriers into the world of IT might seem too difficult to scale.

Most IT job descriptions such as as a software developer, usually require a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Then there are the required years of working experience.

And if that isn’t enough, then there are the numerous IT certifications that they might need to have.

With all these requirements how is an experienced employee from another field supposed to switch careers?

Not all IT jobs require programming knowledge.

While there are many IT jobs that do require programming knowledge, not all of them do.

An IT Business Analysis is anyone who works as a liaison between the business and IT departments.

The IT business analyst works with both departments so they have both business knowledge and Information Technology knowledge.

While most IT jobs require an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, business analysis usually doesn’t.

This is because many IT Business Analysts start off as end users or subject matter experts who then transition into IT.

So whilst you can learn IT and get the IT certifications, the business part of business analysis requires an understanding of the business domain and how the organization works.

So you can leverage your previous career experience and gain the necessary skill set that you would need to excel in your new career path.

So while it might seem difficult to make the switch to IT, it is not impossible.

All you have to do is take the first step which is usually to take a business analysis training such as CCBA.

This training would introduce you to the wonderful world of business analysis and would make you more comfortable with this new career path.

The training would also prepare you for the certification exam that would help bolster your resume and improve your chances of getting a job.

Once you get the job, you can use your existing business knowledge and new business analysis knowledge to grow and mature in your new IT career path.