Are there any other business analysis certifications ?

I have previously written about some of the well known business analysis certifications. But there are other business analysis certifications that might not be so popular.

Some of these certifications include the following:

  1. IREB : The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), has range of requirements engineering certification exams called the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering certification scheme (CPRE) .

These CPRE certification include the following:

a. CPRE: The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) is meant for people working in the fields of Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis and Testing.

There are 3 levels in this scheme, which are broken into foundational, advanced and expert levels.

i. Foundational level : this certification is meant for fresh graduates people who want to get into the Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, software and systems development fields.

The Foundation Level exam covers requirements elicitation, requirements verification and requirements validation.

ii. Advanced level : this Advanced Level certification is meant for people who already have the CPRE Foundation Level certificate and who want to broaden their knowledge.

There are four exams available in Advanced Level and they are :

  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Requirements Management
  • RE@Agile

iii. Expert Level: The Expert Level is meant for people who want to become experts in the Requirements Engineering fields.

To apply for this exam, the candidate has to have at least three CPRE Advanced Level certificates.
Two of those certificates can be substituted for other certifications such as CBAP.

2. BCS: BCS is the chartered institute of technology that offers various information technology certifications. These certification also include numerous business analysis.

The business analysis exams available in BCS include the following :

i. Foundation: this exam is meant for those people who are just getting started in the business analysis field, who want to gain some business analysis knowledge.

The foundational exams includes the following :

  1. Business Analysis Foundation
  2. Business Change
  3. Commercial Awareness
  4. Organizational Behaviour

ii. Practitioner: this exam is meant for those people who already have the foundational certificate and would like to learn some additional skills.

  1. Business Analysis Practice
  2. Benefits Management and Business Acceptance
  3. Modelling Business Processes
  4. Data Management Essentials
  5. Requirements Engineering
  6. International Diploma in Business Analysis : to get this certification, the candidate needs to have completed 4 of the other practitioner exams.

iii. Professional: to get to this level, the candidate has to have a few years of business analysis experience.

The certifications in this level include the following :

  1. Advanced Requirements Engineering
  2. Agile Business Analysis
  3. Benefits Planning and Realisation
  4. Business Architecture
  5. Business Finance
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Stakeholder Engagement
  8. Team Leadership

iv. Consultant: to get to this level, the candidate would have to be a senior business analyst with numerous years of experience.

The certification at this level includes the following :

v. Expert: this certification is meant for senior business analysts who want to show proof of their expertise.

The certification at this level include the following :

While this list might not include all the available business analysis certifications out there, these certifications are proof of how important the business analysis field is in the world today.

But while getting certified is always a good thing, you need to remember that certifications cannot replace knowledge, experience and hardwork.