Will web apps become obsolete?

I remember when I got my first job as an ERP developer, I was eager to learn and thirsting for knowledge.  

But no matter how much that I tried to learn, I soon realized that I could never be the best developer at work.  

There always seemed to be that person who was exceptionally gifted, that person who seemed to live programming and the rest of us were just trying to catch up.  

That 14 year old whiz kid who was willing to work for video games and could stay up all night to figure out that annoying bug in the system.  

This made me realize that if I truly wanted to excel in my job, I had to find another career path.  

This early realization was one of the reasons why I transitioned to Business Analysis and I am so glad that I did.  

So do you think web apps are dead?

The world is constantly changing, consumers want more and technology is evolving at a fast pace to keep up with their demands.   

In the early 2000’s, it was okay to wait 6 months for a new software update but now anything less than a week is considered unacceptable.  

Some older people would remember how excited we all were to get windows vista, the 2007 windows operating system offering from Microsoft.  

But now a new windows operating system version is just another Tuesday, it is only important if it has a major security update or bug fix. 

Organizations have learnt that their customers are whimsical, easily attracted to the next best thing and influenced by a twitter post.  

A social media post by a known industry leader can cause stock prices to go up or cause an organization to go bankrupt.  

Customers are becoming more conscientious in the purchasing choices and want the products that they use to reflect their lifestyle choices.  

If you consider all these, it is not surprising that more people are moving away from traditional websites and gravitating more towards mobile apps.  

Mobile phones have become an extension of many people, they sleep with their phones, eat with their phones and even shower with their phones close by.  

I personally cannot remember the last time that I left my phone without touching it for a whole day and I shudder at the thought of doing that because I am scared of being disconnected from the world.  

This trend has led to the need to have applications that are adaptable to our needs.  

We want to be able to complete a transaction in the shortest time possible with the least amount of effort.  

While we used to be limited by the need to use bulky websites to complete our transactions, nowadays there are mobile apps for virtually anything that you can think of.  

The need to give the customers what they want has led to a change in the way apps were designed, we needed a faster, easier way of designing apps with the least amount of effort.  

This led to the evolution of technology such as Microsoft Power Platform. 

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a suite of apps and services that allows anybody to quickly and easily create custom apps which can fulfill their business needs.  

Microsoft Power Platform enables everyday users to build quick and efficient apps.  

But these innovative solutions have also caused some organizations to reconsider their staffing needs because if the end users can build their own solutions, then why do they need to keep so many programmers on their payroll ?  

While it may not seem obvious now, mostly because most organizations need those programmers to keep maintaining their existing systems, eventually this trend could lead to many programmers becoming redundant.  

Nobody is going to keep paying a software programmer a 100,000 USD/yr for a skill that is no longer required.  

So my question to you is, do you think web apps are becoming obsolete?