What is Business Writing?

Business writing is used to create documents that are used to share business ideas and concepts.

There are different types of business writing, and they include the following:

  1. Email – Emails can be used to share information in written form. They can be sent to a single recipient or numerous recipients concurrently and these recipients can be internal, external or both.
  2. Business Letters – Business letter are written communications that are sent to external recipients. Examples include sales invoices and receipts.  
  3. Business Memos – Memos or memoranda are official statements that are sent to internal recipients in an organization. 
  4. Reports – Reports are official documents used to share information in numerous forms including briefs, scorecards, performance appraisals, regulatory reviews, or annual reports. They can be sent to both internal and external recipients to the organization. 
  5. Handbooks – Handbooks are internal documents that are used to provide information on different subjects including how to use various applications, company policies and governance. 

How do you create an effective business document?

You need to start writing your document by knowing your audience. 

Depending on your intended audience, internal, external or both, you would have to create a document that would not share sensitive information or information that could be misunderstood.

The second step is to decide what type of information that you want to convey. 

If there are content gaps, incorrect information, irrelevant information, or the same information is repeated in different spins, the document will not be well received. 

Your audience might become bored, and they would stop reading the document. 

The third step is to make sure that information is complete, relevant to the reader, and accurate.

You can do this by writing Always start exactly why you are writing on the first line of the document.

This would capture your audience’s attention and make them want to read the document.

You can also use numbered or bulleted lists to state numerous points, this would make them look organized and concise.

Also make sure you read the document before you send it to confirm that the information you are trying to convey has been successfully shared and that there are no grammatical errors.