Solution limitations assessments

The assess solution limitations task is used to ascertain any components to the solution that could limit the full realization of value.

The business analyst should analyze the solution limitations to identify the root causes for under-performing and ineffective solutions … Read the rest

Solution value recommendations

The recommend actions to increase solution value task is used to comprehend the components that could create differences between the potential value and actual value, and to propose a course of action to align them.

The tasks in the solution … Read the rest

Enterprise limitations assessment

The assess enterprise limitations task determines how components which are external to the solution could restrict value realization.

The solution may be used across various departments in the enterprise and there may be many connections and dependencies.

The solution may … Read the rest

Performance measures analysis

The analyze performance measures task is used to provide a deep understanding into the performance of a solution in comparison to the value it brings.

The measure solution performance task needs to be interpreted to be better understood. In order … Read the rest

Solution performance measurements

The measure solution performance task is used to describe performance measures, which uses collected data to assess the effectiveness of the solution and the value which it adds to the enterprise.

The performance measures are used to confirm the value … Read the rest

Solution evaluation

The solution evaluation knowledge area is used by business analysts to evaluate the value delivered by a solution and to recommend the removal of constraints for full value realization.

The activities that are performed in the solution evaluation task are … Read the rest

Value analysis and solution recommendation

The analyze potential value and recommend solution task is used to calculate the possible value for each design option and decide which is the most suitable one to meet the enterprise’s requirements.

The analyze potential value and recommend solution task … Read the rest

Design options definition

The define design options task is used to determine the solution approach, recognize opportunities to enhance the business, assign requirements across solution elements and constitute design options that achieve the desired future state.

When a solution is being designed there … Read the rest

Requirements validation

Once the requirements have been verified, it is time to validate them.

The validate requirements activity is used to ensure that all the requirements and design that have been created are in line with the business requirements and that they … Read the rest

Requirements verification

Once the requirements and designs have been specified and modeled they need to be verified.

The requirements need to be verified to ensure that they have been defined correctly, meet quality standards and can be used to fulfill the need.… Read the rest