How do I become a business analyst ?

Many people are interested in getting into the business analysis but they feel that they do not have the necessary skills required to do the job.

But most people don’t start off their careers as business analysts.

Many business analysts … Read the rest

What is an ERP System ?

An ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a software application that has all its core organizational business processes merged into one.

ERP systems are used to plan and monitor the organizational resources. They help the organization plan, maintain, … Read the rest

What is decision modeling ?

There are some standard business processes that every organization performs daily.

Due due to their frequency and importance, it is vital that these business processes remain efficient and effective.

these type of business processes are ideal for improvement especially if … Read the rest

What are Microsoft’s Power Apps ?

Microsoft Power Apps are applications that are used to design beautiful apps that can be used to fulfill numerous business needs.

These no-code/low-code applications can be created by anyone in the organization with the right license because the application has … Read the rest

What is Microsoft’s Power Automate ?

Microsoft Power Automate is one of the apps in the Power Platform suite of applications.

It is used to create to automate numerous routine processes such as sending automatic emails when a new item is added to a SharePoint List, … Read the rest

What is Microsoft’s SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a collaborative tool that is used by numerous organizations around the work to create aesthetically pleasing sites that are easy to use and understand.

With SharePoint 2019, this information can be access anywhere anytime due to its … Read the rest

Are there any other business analysis certifications ?

I have previously written about some of the well known business analysis certifications. But there are other business analysis certifications that might not be so popular.

Some of these certifications include the following:

  1. IREB : The International Requirements Engineering
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Understanding the CBAP/CCBA exams

The CBAP and CCBA certification exams are based on all the six knowledge areas from the BABOK ® Guide.

The exams are used to test your personal business analysis experience and the your knowledge on the information in the BABOK … Read the rest

How to apply for the CBAP/CCBA exam

Many business analysts would like to get a Business Analysis certification but have no idea what they need to do to navigate the path to career certification.

Navigating the business analysis certification process can be tedious and confusing, so I … Read the rest