What are Microsoft’s Power Apps ?

Microsoft Power Apps are applications that are used to design beautiful apps that can be used to fulfill numerous business needs.

These no-code/low-code applications can be created by anyone in the organization with the right license because the application has an intuitive design that uses Microsoft excel type functions in its configuration.

The applications can be connected to numerous data sources such as a SharePoint List, excel spreadsheet and SQL databases and these data sources can be used them to create apps.

These apps can then be used in numerous ways including forms that can be used to submit a service desk ticket and submit leave applications.

How many types of Power Apps are there ?

There are currently 3 types of PowerApps and they are:

  1. Canvas apps: this app can be used to create apps which are tailored to the users requirements. They can be connected to numerous data sources and can be built for web, mobile, and tablet applications.
  2. Model-driven apps: these apps are built using the organizational data which is stored in Microsoft Dataverse.

Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based data service that is used to connect all the different apps in Power Platform suite of applications.

The apps are automatically created based on the data in Microsoft Dataverse which limits the creators ability to customize the user interface but also creates visually pleasing and responsive apps.

3. Portals apps: Portals are used to create external that allow external users to input and access organizational data.

Power Apps