Business Analysis NQF Level 10

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 10 corresponds to a doctoral degree (PhD) in South Africa. 

Pursuing a PhD in Business Analysis at this level would involve advanced research and contributions to the field. 

Here are the key components and expectations for such a program:

 Key Components

1. Research Proposal:

   – Develop and submit a detailed research proposal outlining your intended study.

   – The proposal should identify a unique problem or gap in the field of Business Analysis.

2. Literature Review:

   – Conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature related to your research topic.

   – Identify gaps and establish the context for your research.

3. Methodology:

   – Design a robust research methodology.

   – Select appropriate qualitative or quantitative methods, or a mix of both, depending on your research question.

4. Data Collection and Analysis:

   – Gather data using your chosen methods.

   – Analyze the data systematically to draw meaningful conclusions.

5. Thesis Writing:

   – Document your research findings in a well-structured thesis.

   – Ensure the thesis meets academic standards and contributes new knowledge to the field.

6. Defense:

   – Defend your thesis in front of an academic panel.

   – Demonstrate the significance and originality of your research.

7. Publication:

   – Publish your research findings in reputable academic journals.

   – Engage with the academic community to disseminate your work.


– Original Contribution:

  – Your research should contribute original knowledge or insights to the field of Business Analysis.

– Academic Rigor:

  – Adhere to high standards of academic research and integrity.

  – Demonstrate thorough understanding and critical analysis of existing research.

– Interdisciplinary Approach:

  – Incorporate insights from related fields such as Information Systems, Management, Economics, and Statistics.

– Professional Development:

  – Engage in academic conferences, workshops, and seminars.

  – Build a network with other researchers and professionals in the field.

 Career Opportunities

With a PhD in Business Analysis, you can pursue advanced roles such as:

– Academic Positions: Professorships, Research Fellows

– Senior Analyst Roles: Lead Analyst, Chief Data Officer

– Consultancy: Senior Consultant, Strategy Consultant

– Executive Management: Chief Information Officer, Chief Strategy Officer

 Institutions Offering NQF Level 10 Programs

Several universities in South Africa and internationally offer doctoral programs that can be tailored to focus on Business Analysis. Prospective students should consider institutions with strong business schools and research programs in business analytics or related fields.


A PhD in Business Analysis at NQF Level 10 requires significant dedication, advanced research skills, and a commitment to contributing new knowledge to the field. It opens doors to high-level academic, professional, and leadership opportunities.