What is decision modeling ?

There are some standard business processes that every organization performs daily.

Due due to their frequency and importance, it is vital that these business processes remain efficient and effective.

these type of business processes are ideal for improvement especially if … Read the rest

What are User stories ?

A user story is a small, succinct statement of the functionality required to deliver value to a particular stakeholder.

User stories are used to document the needs of a specific stakeholder and enable teams describe valuable functionalities using short, simple … Read the rest

Benchmarking and market analysis for business analysts

Benchmarking and market analysis are administered to enhance the organizational operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase value to stakeholders.

Benchmark studies are used to compare organizational practices against industry standards.

Industry best practices may be derived from competitor enterprises, the … Read the rest

Interface analysis for business analysts

An interface is a connection between two or more elements or solutions.
Interface analysis is used to identify where, what, why, when, how, and for whom information is traded between solution elements.

Most solutions need one or more interfaces to … Read the rest