Business capability analysis

Business capability analysis is a method used for scoping and planning by creating a shared understanding of the expected results, spotting alignment with strategy, and providing a range and ranking filter.

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Brainstorming techniques in business analysis

Brainstorming is a very good way of encouraging creative thinking about a problem.

The goal of brainstorming is to generate new ideas which would be used for further analysis.

Brainstorming is a technique used to create an extensive range of … Read the rest

Balanced scorecard in business analysis

The balanced scorecard tool is used to manage performance in business models, organizational structures, or business processes.

The balanced scorecard is a vital planning and management tool used to evaluate organizational performance which exceeds conventional financial measures.

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Backlog management in business analysis

Business analysts use backlog management to document, track, and prioritize left over work items.

A backlog happens when the amount of work items that are yet to be completed are more than the resources available to complete them.

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Business analysis criteria techniques

Techniques are the methods used by business analysts to perform business analysis tasks.

Business analysts need to use their experience and judgment to decide which techniques are appropriate and how to apply each technique in different situations.

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