Who is a Subject Matter Expert ?

A subject matter expert is anyone who understands a particular job, process, department or function.

Subject matter experts are usually sought after due to their expert knowledge which enables them to solve specific problems and resolve numerous challenges.

Subject matter experts can be found in numerous industries including information technology, software development, marketing and customer support.

These experts are used in various projects to help identify requirements, implement new software applications and identify products bugs.

Due to their vast knowledge, they are key stakeholders and identifying them early on in the project would help to ensure it’s success.

Subject matter experts examples include the following:

A data analyst who can help the project team to understand how to extract and format the data for an data migration project.

An accounting manager who can help the project team create the chart of account and other financial configuration for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project.

A Human Resources employee who knows all the HR processes in the organization.