Business analysis learning

Learning is defined as the process of gaining new information, or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors and skills.

Efficient business analyst to be able to quickly understand new and different types of information and change existing knowledge in evolving environments.

To learn about a business domain, the business analyst would have to go through stages, these stages include: the initial purchase, gathering of data, understanding the information, applying the knowledge in everyday task, and analyzing the information.

Once the information analysis is complete, the business analysts should be able to apply the information in identifying new solutions opportunities and assessing those solutions to ensure that they are effective.

The business analysts should be able to describe their understanding of the business domain to the stakeholders and apply their knowledge in various analysis activities.

There are some techniques that can be used in the learning core competency and these include:

  1. Visual: this is the process of learning through the presentation of pictures, photographs, diagrams, models, and videos.
  2. Auditory: this is the process of learning through verbal, written language and text.
  3. Kinesthetic: this is the process of learning by doing.

Most people are able to understand and retain information longer when a combination of learning techniques are used.

There are some measures that can be used to effectively gauge learning and these include:

i. Understand that learning is a process for all stakeholders.

ii. learn the presented concepts and then demonstrate this understanding.

iii. demonstrate the ability to apply concepts to new areas or relationships.

iv. rapidly absorb new facts, ideas, concepts, and opinions.

v. effectively present new facts, ideas, concepts, and opinions to others.