What is the best software testing tool ?

There are different ways in which you can test a software, you can test a software application manually or automatically.

Manually testing a software application involves creating the test cases/scenarios and then creating the test scripts from those test cases.

Once the test cases are created, then you can execute those test cases manually or automatically.

Manually executing the test cases involve steps such as creating the user account, changing your account password and posting a transaction manually.

While automatically executing the test cases involve doing the same steps but with a software application tool.

So what is the best software testing tool and how is it used ?

There are numerous software testing tool available in the marketplace and they include the following:

1) Selenium: Selenium is a popular software testing tools that is used in web based automation testing.

2) Practitest: Practitest is a complete test management tool. It allows the tester to have a clear understanding of the testing process and a deeper understanding of testing results.

3) Xray: Xray is a popular testing tool that is used for Quality Assurance testing. It has numerous functionalities that can be used for effective and efficient testing.

It has features such as requirements traceability, test plan tracking, reports and test script executions.

4) TestRail: TestRail is a customizable, web-based test case management tool that can be used to perform manual and automated test cases.

It provides insights into the testing progress with reports and pending tasks.

5) TestPad: Testpad is a test tool that uses checklist test plans that can be modified to different types of testing.