How do I create a PowerApps form ?

Microsoft PowerApps is an application that can be used to create diverse, beautiful apps which can be used in numerous ways.

For example, a PowerApps form can be used to replace InfoPath forms which are no longer being supported by Microsoft.

So how do you create a new PowerApps form ?

The first step in designing a PowerApps form is deciding how you want to store the form data.

Do you want to use the Dataverse, a SharePoint list or an excel sheet to store your data ?

The storage option that you choose will determine the type of PowerApps solution that you can create.

What is the Dataverse ?

The Dataverse is the a data storage tool that stores the records in tables of entities as they were formerly known. It is similar to an Structured Query Language (SQL) database, but its simpler to integrate and use.

It is the preferred database solution for PowerApps because its supports the different types of PowerApps which are Canvas, Model-Driven and Portal Apps.

What are Canvas, Model-Driven and Portal Apps?

Canvas, Model-Driven and Portal Apps are the three different types of Power Apps that are used for development and they are :

  1. Canvas Apps: Canvas apps are apps that can be built with little or no code. They can easily be built from scratch using drag and drop features in canvas or with templates.
  2. Model-Driven App: Model-driven app design uses reusable components to design the apps. Model-driven apps give you limited control over the layout design because you have to design the app based on the components that you chose.
  3. Portals App: Portals Apps are used to create websites which can be accessed by external parties like your customers and suppliers.

What about SharePoint lists and excel sheets ?

SharePoint lists and excel sheets can be used to store the records from the PowerApps form, but it is only supported with Canvas Apps.

How do you create a Canvas Apps using a SharePoint list as your database ?

The easiest way to create a Canvas App using a SharePoint list as your database, is to start from the SharePoint list.

If you start with your SharePoint list and choose the right columns first, name them and select the datatype, then it would be easier to create your Canvas App.

Once you have created your SharePoint list, you can automatically create an App from that.

All you have to do is click on integrate, then Power Apps and then Create an app:

A page would pop up where you need to type in the name of your App

Once you type in a name, then the create button would be enabled, click on it.

That would take you to this page, which shows this icon which means that the app is being created for you.

Once it is done, then the app would be created.

This created app is ready for use , all you need to do is save it and then publish it by going to file and clicking on save then publish.