How do you investigate an encountered IT system error ?

If you are an IT support team member, a major part of your job will be to investigate issues.

But how do you do that?

There are a few steps you can follow when investigating an IT system error and these steps are :

  1. Collect information about the error: You should start by gathering as much information about the error as possible, including the error message, the steps leading up to the error, and any relevant system logs.
  2. Reproduce the error: Try to reproduce the error to see if you can identify any patterns or triggers that may be causing the issue.
  3. Identify the cause of the error: Look for patterns in the error message or system logs that may help you identify the cause of the error. If the error message is not clear, you may need to do some research online or consult with a more experienced IT professional.
  4. Determine a solution: Once you have identified the cause of the error, you can start to work on finding a solution. This may involve applying a patch, updating software, or making changes to the system configuration.
  5. Test the solution: Before implementing the solution, it’s important to test it to ensure that it actually fixes the problem and doesn’t cause any new issues.
  6. Implement the solution: If the solution works as expected, go ahead and implement it to fix the error. If the solution doesn’t work or causes new issues, you may need to revisit step 4 and try a different solution.