Business Analysis Masters

A Master’s in Business Analysis equips you with advanced skills in data analysis, project management, and strategic decision-making. 

It’s valuable for those aiming to excel in roles that require a deep understanding of business processes and data-driven insights. 

Which schools have a Business Analysis Masters program?

Some universities known for offering strong business analysis or related programs include:

1. University of Edinburgh (Scotland): MSc in Business Analytics

2. University of Texas at Austin (USA): MS in Business Analytics

3. University of Manchester (UK): MSc Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis

4. University of Melbourne (Australia): Master of Business Analytics

5. MIT Sloan School of Management (USA): Master of Business Analytics

Always check the latest information on each university’s official website and ensure the program aligns with your career goals and interests.

What are the courses in a business analysis master program?

A typical business analysis master’s program may include courses like:

1. Business Process Analysis

2. Data Analysis for Business

3. Requirements Elicitation and Management

4. Project Management

5. Strategic Business Analysis

6. Business Intelligence and Analytics

7. Enterprise Architecture

8. Stakeholder Management

9. Decision Modeling

10. Risk Analysis and Management

These courses aim to equip students with the skills needed for effective business analysis, covering areas such as data interpretation, project management, and strategic thinking.