What are Microservices?

A Microservice is a software development architectural approach that uses small autonomous services that communicate with each other via APIs. 

Microservices make it easier to develop, scale and enable features for applications.

What are the different types of software architectural services?

There are 2 different types of services which are:

1. Monolithic Architecture: With monolithic architectures, all the software processes are combined and run as a single service. This means that if there is a change to one process, that change might affect all the other processes in the solution. 

As more processes are added to a monolithic architecture, it becomes more complex and prone to errors. 

This increases the risk and the impact of a single process failure.

2. Microservices Architecture: With the microservices architecture, all the software processes are built and run as independent components.

These services communicate with each other using well-defined application programming interface (APIs). 

Each microservice performs a single function that can be updated, deployed, and scaled to meet the demand for specific functions in an application.

Can you change a monolithic solution into a microservice solution?

Turning an existing monolithic solution into a microservice can be difficult, risky and time consuming.

It is usually better to start from scratch and redesign the whole solution as a group of microservices.

You can do this by ensuring that each microservice has the following characteristic:

1. Autonomous: Each component service in a microservice architecture needs to be developed, deployed and operated as an independent solution.

Each solution should be able to function independently of the other solutions and communicate with the other services via APIs.

2. Specialized: Each microservice is designed to fulfill an objective. The microservice will have a set of capabilities that will be used to solve a specific problem. 

What are some of the benefits of Microservices?

Microservices have numerous benefits including flexibility, agility, low latency, resiliency, scalability, and easy deployment.