What is Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is a presentation making app that can be used to create visually pleasing and informative presentations. 

It is part of the Microsoft suite of applications and while it has a free version, those with a Microsoft 365 subscription will be able to access more features than the free version.

With Sway, you can create numerous web documents such as newsletters, resumes, portfolios and blogs. 

These documents can be created from scratch or uploaded from images, documents and videos and the documents would be automatically created for you.

Microsoft sway is Software as a service application which makes it easy to access and share your finished work anywhere in the workd with an internet connection.

So how do you use Microsoft Sway?

To use Microsoft Sway, you should start by logging in to your Office 365 account and clicking on the Sway icon.

Then click “Create New” to create a Sway project from scratch.

Choosing the “Start from a topic” option will let you search specific topics and create an outline for your presentation based on that topic.

The “Start from a document” option will prompt you to upload a document, which Sway will convert into a presentation draft.

You can also choose one of the available templates to create beautiful documents that can be amended to suit your needs.

What makes Sway different from PowerPoint?

Sway has two main components, it has the Storyline which is your dashboard that is used creating and organizing the presentation and the Design tab which is where you would see what the presentation actually looks like.

Sway uses the Storyline to break up individual paragraphs, images, and videos into “cards” so that they’re easy to keep organized, move around, and tell the story you’re trying to communicate with your presentation. 

As you move items around on your Storyline, the Design tab will be automatically updated to reflect those changes.

Once you’re ready to publish and share your Sway project, click on the “Play” button in the upper-right corner to see how it looks, then click “Share” to send the finished Sway to whoever you want.