Requirements prioritization

The prioritize requirements task is used to rank requirements in the order of their importance.

The requirements have to be ranked to determine their importance to the stakeholders. Ranking can be based on the relative value of the requirement or … Read the rest

Requirements maintenance

Requirements are maintained to ensure that requirement accuracy is retained and there is consistency throughout the requirements life cycle. It also supports the reuse of the requirements in other solutions.

To ensure that the requirements remain relevant to the solution … Read the rest

Requirements lifecycle management

The requirements life cycle management knowledge area describes the tasks that are used to manage and maintain requirements and design information throughout the life cycle of the solution.

These tasks in the requirement life cycle management knowledge area are used … Read the rest

Managing stakeholder collaboration

People skills is a must for every business analyst.

As a business analyst, you would have to work with numerous stakeholders, these stakeholders would have various levels of importance.

Identifying these levels is importance because it influences the change. Identifying … Read the rest

Communicating business analysis information

Once the requirements have been confirmed the business analyst would have to communicate the confirmed requirements. These confirmed requirements are known as the business analysis information packages.

The information packages are created to ensure that the stakeholders have a shared … Read the rest

Confirming elicitation results

Once requirements have been elicited they have to be confirmed.

Though stakeholders might seem sure of they want, confirming the requirements with these stakeholders might yield additional insight, expose assumptions and possibly create additional requirements.

The confirm elicitation results activity … Read the rest