Item tracking in business analysis

Item tracking is used to document and assign responsibility for issues and
stakeholder concerns that could affect the solution.

Item tracking is a structured approach used by business analysts to respond to various stakeholder concerns. Examples of stakeholders concerns include … Read the rest

Interview techniques for business analysts

An interview is a structured approach created to obtain business analysis
information from a person or group of people by talking to the them, asking pertinent questions, and recording their responses.

An interview can also be used to establish relationships … Read the rest

Business analysis glossary

A glossary describes the essential terms that are important to a business domain. They are used to provide the stakeholders with a shared understanding of domain terminologies.

A glossary is a list of terms in a specific domain with descriptions … Read the rest

Functional decomposition in business analysis

Functional decomposition is the analysis of complex systems by breaking them down into smaller simpler elements.

It involves breaking down processes, systems, functional areas, or deliverables into simpler components, so that each part can be analyzed separately.

By breaking down … Read the rest

Business analysis focus groups

A focus group is a way of gathering ideas and opinions about a particular product or service in a collective group environment. The participants, led by a facilitator, would express their opinions, inclination, and needs.

A focus group is made … Read the rest

Financial analysis for business analysts

Business analysts use financial analysis to understand the financial features of a solution.

Financial analysis is the evaluation of the expected financial realization, stability, and benefits of an investment option. It includes an examination of the total cost of the … Read the rest

Estimation techniques for business analysts

Estimation techniques are used to forecast the cost and effort involved in following a particular course of action such as the implementation of a solution.

Estimation techniques are used to help organizations make strategic business decision by analyzing the following. … Read the rest

Document analysis for business analysts

Document analysis is used by business analysts to obtain information, by scrutinizing available materials that describe the business domain.

Document analysis may be used to gather background information in order to understand the context of a business need, or to … Read the rest

Decision analysis for business analysts

Stakeholders use decision analysis to analyze a problem and make decisions in uncertain conditions.
The business analyst uses decision analysis to analyze different results in uncertain or complex situations.
Decisions are often difficult to analyze in the following situations:

  • The
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Business analysis data models

Data models are visual representations of components that are important to the business which includes its people, places, things, and business transactions and their relationships.

They are used in numerous business analysis such as elicitation, requirements analysis and design, support … Read the rest