Agile versus Kanban methodologies

The Agile methodology refers to a range of frameworks and methods.

It is a term that refers to the approaches, techniques, frameworks, methods and practices that fulfill the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Two techniques that fall under the umbrella of the Agile methodology are Lean and Kanban.

The Lean methodology is a process improvement methodology which was created to remove waste, remove inefficiency, and improve the working conditions to help fulfil the in customers’ needs.

While Kanban is a system that is used to improve manufacturing efficiency. It is used to prevent excess inventory buildup in the production process.

The Agile and Kanban methodologies are both based on the lean methodology. They are both focused on value delivery, waste minimization, transparency, change adaption, and continuous improvement.

Here is a summary of the two methodologies :

The Kanban methodology :

  1. The Kanban process is done through a Board, which is called the “Kanban Board.
  2. The Kanban board is used to describe the process workflow and that makes it easy to understand. The initiative is broken down into user stories and these user stories are time boxed into small cycles to help deliver the solution’s features quickly.
  3. The Kanban methodology is less restrictive than the Agile methodology.

The Agile methodology :

  1. The Agile methodology is based on the repetitive development and testing of the solution in order to continuously deliver a working solution.
  2. The Agile methodology also decomposes the initiative into small sections to help the team focus on development, testing, and collaboration.