The Business analyst’s resume

Many people want to get a great business analysis job but they usually have some difficulty in writing an effective business analyst resume.

Writing a business analysis resume is very similar to writing any other resumes.

So you should use good resume writing tips such as :

  1. Always rewrite your resume to fit in with the applicable job requirements.
  2. Don’t use a single resume for every job application
  3. Keep the resume to a maximum of two pages.

But there are also some resume writing tips that are unique to business analysis and they include the following:

  • Write a career objective: what do you want to achieve as a business analyst ? what have you achieved in your past experiences ? What makes you a great candidate for this particular job.
  • All these questions should be answered in your summarized career objective. Think of it as your elevator speech : if you have a minute to sell a product what would you say ?
  • Because most business analysts have both functional and technical skill sets, the business analyst’s resume objective tends to reflect these unique skill sets.
  • Include any relevant technical skills: You can state any relevant skills that can give you an edge in the technical skills section.
  • Include any business analysis certifications that you might have such as CBAP, CCBA, ECBA or PMI-PBA. Also include any other relevant certification such as a Project Management Certificate (PMP) or an ITIL certification.
  • Include any technical expertise that you might have such as programming skills, business intelligence or project management experience. Also try to quantify your experience by using key words such as “Expert”,”“Skilled,” and “Proficient.”
  • Use the job posting as a guide: when writing about your present and previous work experience, you can use the job posting responsibilities as a guide. You could also try and reuse some of the keywords in the job posting.
  • Start with the most recent job and work your way down to your earliest business analysis job.
  • This would make your resume stand out from rest especially if the recruiting company uses a software to sort through the candidates resumes.
  • Most human resource software use keywords to check for valid candidates from hundreds or thousands of submitted resumes.
  • Educational degrees last not first : You should input any relevant educational experience in this section. Start with the latest degree first and work your way down to your earliest relevant educational degree.
  • Do not include irrelevant information such as your high school diploma.
  • The only situation in which it is acceptable to emphasize your educational qualifications, is when you have little or no business analysis experience and you want to impress the recruiters with your educational achievements.

Attached below is a senior business analyst sample, kindly note that this is just a sample and it should act as a guide and not the finished product. You can modify it to suit your needs.