Who is a Scrum Developer ?

Scrum is a framework that is used to create solutions to complex problems.

It is used by the Scrum team to create dynamic solutions that can fulfill the requirements of the organization.

The Scrum team is made up of the Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the Development team.

It is made up of not only programmers and software developers, but other IT professionals such as software designers, architects, business analysts and software testers. 

What are some of the Development team members responsibilities?

Development team members need to have the skills required to create a working component of the finished product.

Some of the Scrum developer skills are:

  1. Estimate the effort required in completing their tasks.
  2. Achieve the goals defined for each sprint.
  3. Basic understanding of the scrum framework.
  4. Write user stories for product features.
  5. Identify any impediments to the progress of the project and report it to the Scrum Master.
  6. Attend daily scrum meetings and report the completed and planned tasks for each day.
  7. Collaborate effectively with the Scrum team members.

They also need to have some soft skills such as being an efficient team player, self-motivation, self-organization, analytical, and good collaboration skills.

Do Scrum Developers need to be certified?

I always compare IT careers to the medical field because while we are not in the business of saving lives, IT is a constantly changing field.

So you need to constantly keep improving your skills to remain relevant to employers.

So, while it is possible to get a Scrum developer job without an IT certification, being certified makes it easier to get hired and it increases your market value.

What are some popular Scrum developer certifications ?

Some popular development certifications include the following:

  1. Certified Scrum Developers course from Scrumalliance.org
  2. The Professional Scrum Developer from Scrum.org
  3. Scrum Developer Certified from scrumstudy.com