What is decision making ?

To be an effective business analysts, you must be able to understand the principles involved in making a decision, and assist the stakeholders in making better decisions.

When stakeholders are faced with having to select an option from numerous different … Read the rest

What is creative thinking ?

Creative thinking is the inducing of new ideas, concepts, approaches, and associations between existing ideas and concepts.

It is a flexible approach to problem solving by questioning the standard approaches and inspiring new ideas and transformations that are suitable to … Read the rest

What is analytical thinking ?

A competent business analyst has to have both analytical thinking and problem solving skills in order to effectively analyze problems, identify opportunities and other necessary changes which would deliver on value and work with the stakeholders to understand the impact … Read the rest

What is visual thinking ?

Business analysts have to be able to communicate complex ideas and models in ways that the stakeholders can easily understand.

Visual thinking is defined as the graphical representation of systems or processes.

It is used to help the stakeholders easily … Read the rest

What is conceptual thinking ?

During the course of the project a large amount of information would be generated.

Some of this information might be disconnected so you would have to apply conceptual thinking skills in order to understand this information.

Conceptual thinking is defined … Read the rest

Benchmarking and market analysis for business analysts

Benchmarking and market analysis are administered to enhance the organizational operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase value to stakeholders.

Benchmark studies are used to compare organizational practices against industry standards.

Industry best practices may be derived from competitor enterprises, the … Read the rest

Interface analysis for business analysts

An interface is a connection between two or more elements or solutions.
Interface analysis is used to identify where, what, why, when, how, and for whom information is traded between solution elements.

Most solutions need one or more interfaces to … Read the rest