CBAP/CCBA preparation questions – Elicitation

As a business analyst, you have to be able to understand the needs of the business. In order to do this you have to obtain information, we use elicitation and collaborative techniques to do this.

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CBAP/CCBA preparation questions – BA planning and monitoring

The Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring knowledge area is made up of tasks which are used to organize and coordinate the efforts of both the business analysts and the stakeholders in the organization.

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CBAP/CCBA preparation questions – Introduction

When preparing for the CBAP or CCBA exam, there are some basic business analysis information that you should know.

Here are some CBAP/CCBA examination preparation questions and answers on those foundational business analysis information.

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Which business analysis certification is right for me ?

One question I keep getting asked from my friends and fellow business analysts is:

Which Business Analysis certification should I get ?

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