What is Adaptability ?

Business analysts often have to work in ever changing environments and with numerous stakeholders.

They would have to modify their behavior and approach to increase their effectiveness when working with different stakeholders, organizations, and situations.

Adaptability is the capacity to … Read the rest

What is Trustworthiness ?

An effective business analyst has to be able to obtain the the trust of the stakeholders.

The Business Analyst’s need the stakeholders to trust them so that they can share sensitive information such as their thoughts, ideas and impressions on … Read the rest

What is Personal accountability ?

Personal accountability is an important skill for every business analyst to have because it ensures that their tasks are completed on time and to the expected quality standards.

Personal accountability helps establish trustworthiness by guaranteeing that the business analysis work … Read the rest

Business analysis ethics

Ethics are defined as the upstanding principles that direct a person’s behavior when performing their duties.

It requires an understanding and focus on the equity, consideration, and moral behavior of business analysis activities and its relationships.

Ethical behavior includes the … Read the rest

What are behavioral skills ?

Everybody has different ways of responding to situations, these responses are defined as their behavior.

Effective business analyst should have certain behaviors, these behaviors are defined as behavioral characteristics.

These behavioral characteristics exist at the core of every business analyst’s … Read the rest

Organization and time management in business analysis

Business analysts have to be able to organize their time in order to efficiently manage their work and execute their tasks.

Organization and time management in relation to business analysis is the ability of a business analyst to efficiently manage … Read the rest