Listening skills in business analysis

The business analyst use their effective listening skills to understand information that is communicated verbally.

Listening is the act of not just hearing words but understanding their meaning.

Business analysts use effective listening skills to correctly understand what is being … Read the rest

Writing skills for business analysts

Written communication is used to transmit ideas, concepts, facts, and opinions to a group of stakeholders.

Written communication uses text, symbols, models, and sketches to transmit and share information.

In order to draft effective written communication, the writer needs to … Read the rest

Non-verbal communication skills for business analysts

Non-verbal communication skills allow the successful sending and receiving of information via body movement, posture, facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact.

Communication is usually through words that are written or spoken but non-verbal communication, is considered to carry much more … Read the rest

Verbal communication skills for business analysts

Business analysts use their verbal communication skills to relay ideas, concepts, facts, and opinions to groups of stakeholders.

Verbal communication utilises words to transmit information from the sender to the receiver.

Verbal communication skills are used to communicate business analysis … Read the rest